hooyoosay: Don’t you lie to me


artist Name: hooyoosay     Album: Don’t you lie to me
First/Last Name:  Not indicated
Email address: hooyoosay@hooyoosay.eu
Hometown: Not indicated
Website: http://hooyoosay.com
Style of music: Light entertainment fun pop
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hooyoosay/201239069949729
Other: http://hooyoosay.aurovine.com/
Label Affiliation: Independent Label

hooyoosay  is a remarkable  band making happy tunes. The only thing that bothers me is that I could not find the country of origin from this awesome project. At first listen the tracks sound like jingles with electronica meets country kind of style, but then again it doesn’t sound so. It is hard to categorize their music, but they surely make catchy tunes rooted in the beauty of pop music.

My role of the thumb in listening to albums is just to listen. No need to analyze but just enjoy the music for music’s sake. This seems to be the principle behind the album Don’t you lie to me. But like I said who knows? The title track is catchy with hints of chanson, vintage and  vaudeville pop . ” There’s two kinds of people I can’t stand, and that’s a lying woman and a sneaking man, so don’t you lie to me.”…The chorus is easy to singalong and the instrumental arrangement is excellent.

Another notable track in this release is the instrumental Yooplaaa. Um..again this is hard to categorize but it is beautiful. I love the mixing of the bass and drums because they really sound full. The overall sound design in slick, clean and glossy. Oh did I already mention slick? No need to argue. Just grab the album.


hooyoosay is a weird recording project that attaches no importance to answering the questions who, when or where.
Contributors are loose and constantly changing.
This quirky collective has released the album “in dekay”, containing 22 tracks of guitar-pop, classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, acoustic pop and rock ‘n’ roll remakes.
Then the single “My obsession” followed.
And now there is the EP “Don’t you lie to me” / “Yooplaaa!”, which is totally different from any previous release, offering a couple of entertaining fun tracks for that moment when you can put serious matters aside.
There’s no ambition here to be the hottest or the heaviest, but simply to establish that carefree feelgood atmosphere that lets you relax.

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