Radiolab: Beautiful Soundtrack to the Surreal World.


Group Name: Radiolab

Album: Radiolab

Style of Music: Space Rock

Place of Origin: Frederick Maryland

Members:Dane Di Pierro & Meghan Redding


1.Conspiracies 07:11
2.Quiet 03:42
3.The Objectivist 03:48
4.Thoughts 04:30
5.Spider Kiss 05:54
6.Field Theory 05:07
7.All Things 03:56
8.Emotive 03:07
9.I Keep Losing Heart 04:51
10.Existential 07:00

For a moment one would thought that Radiolab is the reincarnation of Garbage and Hooverphonic in a 4AD-ish kind of atmosphere. There is something nostalgic about the kind of guitar sound that the duo’s multi-instrumentalist Dane Di Pierro tried to incorporate in every track. My gut feeling screams Robin Guthrie but my heart says differently. But whatever references Radiolab pulls you to, one can’t deny the sheer originality of sound. Quiet, Emotive,Thoughts and Conspiracies are fine examples of the dense musicality found in the self-titled album released this year.

I noticed that Radiolab uses film samples and dense layers of synths and guitars in the recordings. This expands from the traditional shoegazer rock that is the basic foundation of the music. Further research took me to the duo’s influences: Stereolab, Verve, Voyager One, Primal Scream, American Analog Set. Sounds tasty don’t you think?

I love the album cover. You can listen and buy tracks via their bandcamp site. Vocalist Meghan Redding keeps things floating with her beautiful voice. Radiolab is the kind of music you’d love to listen to when you wake up in the middle of the night experiencing insomnia. Then you can drift back to sleep with the realization that the world is a surreal place to live.a3260407701_2 But you can get through it when you are armed with a beautiful soundtrack and a sense of wonderment still intact amidst the ruins of time and fate.


Dane Di Pierro & Meghan Redding have comprised Frederick MD duo Radiolab since 2008. Using film samples and reverbed layers of synths and guitar, Radiolab synthesize something original from the noise in their hearts and minds. The band self released last year’s Phantom Limb EP before a self titled release in early 2013.

Get in touch with Radiolab through:


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