Sven Faulconer-For the love of film music

I am listening to the film music of Sven Faulconer while preparing breakfast. I tell you, there is nothing more energetic than a life that is SVEN FAULCONER (Composer)surrounded by grand scores and sometimes, what you think becomes you. I started collecting soundtrack albums when I got a copy of Far and Away by John Williams (1992). From there I improved my collection up to the LOTR era. But I think that was the last time I really devoted my collection.

I came across the works of Sven Faulconer while browsing indie films like Beautysleep Symphony which lead me to Tringled. It was Carl Darchuk and the gang who introduced me to the whole new world of independent films and yes people like Sven who works with these artists. Sven was born in Belgium and started studying music at the age of 6. He later moved to Los Angeles to further expand his career. Looks like he made a great choice. More of his music below.

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