Alex Pardini : Be Sure to Remember the Name

Alex Pardini

Alex Pardini:Photo courtesy of Alex Pardini Photography

I did an article about Alex Pardini a few months ago. I was surprised to see something in my mail today. He made two logos for this site. One is black, the other is white(the one you see now). But I like to keep both because who knows? I might like to use the black version next time. I think it is great being remembered especially in these times of personal hardships. I wish you good karma Alex and more heights of success on your music.

Alex Pardini is perhaps one  underrated singer/producer and songwriter in the field of electronic music today. He has the voice, the looks and the brains as electro’s representative to the pop world. His recordings are marked with sleek craftsmanship. As an artist, he is not afraid to experiment. He can glide from chill out, down tempo or into a more rough, funk inspired project. And yes he plays a cool  acoustic guitar too.

The track Fly Fly” comes in three versions. A Vocals Club Mix, an Instrumental and a shorter Radio Mix . The one on soundcloud is the original(lo-fi mix) that sounds also amazing depending on your mood. Whatever works for you. I am listening to all his tracks again as I start the day. However, they can be great tracks to welcome the end of the day. Always awesome and never a dull moment with Alex Pardini. Remember that name.

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