Black Swans, Ready to Go.

Black Swans

Band: Black Swans

Members: Jamie Wright and  Ade Crane

Genre: Alt Rock

I like the music of Black Swans. There is something infectious, catchy and uplifting about their sound. The melodies make you feel like you are riding in a flying car. The adequate around of sonic enhancement really works here. The guitars are like what I would expect from bands like Snow Patrol or current bands of the same league. You can also hear traces of Echo & the Bunnymen ..and other influences. Obviously this is UK music at its best. As for the vocals, Jamie Wright really sings, giving all what he’s got into the music. His voice is a beautiful instrument that soars and makes you feel emotional.  Black Swan is a feel good band. Not in a Cocteau Twins of The Sundays sense but the vibes are always getting you there.

The band has an interesting history and even praise from such greats as Sir Paul McCartney (“Great guitar playing, it felt like I was playing with George.”). It is undeniable that  Black Swans will be huge one day like Coldplay. They have what it takes to make it: melodies that court mainstream listeners, great stage presence, photogenic performers and awesome recording. They just need to get the music around and the name to be heard and they are ready to go. It’s obvious from the first time I heard The Life We Chose that it’s a potential top 40. Killing Time reflects the band’s love for ethereal sounding guitar effects. Heaven is simply…heavenly. They are part of the Millbury Music Group which has just released a compilation. I will be featuring more artists from the same management as I can tell that they really deserve to get their names out!

Thanks to Rachael Harris for pointing me to the right direction.

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