Microlove EP by Summa


Songs by Jake O’Neal except where noted 
Produced by Jake O’Neal and Max Grossman 
Engineered/Mixed by Colin Bricker 
Featuring Michael Kang of The String Cheese Incident 
Album art by Megan McGrain

Jake O’Neal – Vocals, Guitars 
Max Grossman – Drums, Bass, Vocals on There There 
Michael Kang – Electric mandolin on Forces; Electric guitar and electric mandolin on Sex Gun

Yesterday was hectic so I slept early and didn’t even realized I slept with the lights on which I consider a bad habit. I scanned my email upon waking up and found a message from Jake O’Neal of Summa inviting me to listen to the new EP. Yeah it’s fresh from the sonic oven folks. I always find this huge analogy between music and food.  I was humming in the shower, few minutes later listening to the songs in the Microlove EP. I got a smile stretched from ear to ear. This is a sweet EP. Full of musical delights that is comparable to a box of dark chocolate. Yum.

The tracks are amazing. They sound fresh and intelligent. The vocals are warm and Mr O’Neal has a good range. I have great respect for singers who sound that way. I describe his voice as having a bit of Glen Phillips with an echo of Nick Drake especially when he starts singing softly. The title track has been out for a while. It’s the carrier single. I think it is also a perfect choice because it is a kind of song that pulls listeners with its warmth and intimate lyrics. So it is definitely a personal favorite. 

There are five tracks in the Microlove EP.  I will name my second favorite. It’s called There There. The rhythm reminds me  Patti Smith and Iggy Pop. This is one of the most beautiful alternative rock tracks I heard this year. If I have a radio show of my own, this EP would occupy the top of the charts because it works! The singing, the melody and the instrumental arrangement all work!

Check out the album cover art. It rocks!

Summa: Jake O'Neal



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