wednesday morning tambourine by Don BeeKeeper

I tell you, nothing beats the feeling of waking up next to your mobile while  bandcamp starts playing the album of your choice. It’s that great freedom of being able to listen to music without having to get up and go to the computer. Today, “wednesday morning tambourine” by Canadian singer/songwriter Don Beekeeper was what I was listening to while cobwebs of sleep slowly disappear. It was dark and everything was peaceful. Don’s harmonica and emotional voice already mimic that caffeine buzz you get from a fresh brewed dark coffee.

Wednesday morning tambourine is an album of full-bodied songs. The songs stay true to their folk/blues roots. My favorite track is Shake the Tambourine. The robust beats that got my toes moving. Lyrically, Don has once again set up a captivating menu of poetry. I find myself visiting his blog:  often. This is the place where he posts his poems and short stories. He reminds me of the greats like J.D Salinger and Jack Kerouac.

It’s that place between waking and sleeping that Beekeeper seems to have an impact. I believe his songs are for introverts. Or the romantic poets trapped in time, looking for a doorway into a better place. Even in his angry and saddest songs that defiant air marks most of his performance. And it is that quality that makes you really take his craft seriously. Watch out for Gunslinger. I think it is freakin’ amazing in terms of execution and arrangement. It makes me invent movies in my head.

Wednesday morning tambourine has nine tracks available in bandcamp. Buy the album and support indie music.

Check out more of his tracks here:

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