Sphere Music Podcast #1

First podcast for Sphere Music:
1. Iron Town by Layne Greene taken from his From the Ground Up EP(released 2011)laynegreene.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-ground-up
2. Shake that tambourine by Don Beekeeper from Wednesday tambourine morning released two months ago: onebeekeeper.bandcamp.com/album/wednesday-morning-
3. One More Time by Ronan McManus taken from the album Strawberry Hill. In the video, he asked people to send him videos of messages to loved ones who have passed on, what they would say to them if they could see them ‘One More Time’
4. These Are The Good Old Days by Eric McGrath. Taken from the bossa album Little Ripples:ericmcgrath.bandcamp.com/album/little-ripples
5. Speeding Train by Dennis McCalmont. Taken from the album #SoulRecall (yes that’s with the hashtag) @dennis-mccalmont
6. City Funk by Alex Pardini. He is a producer/dj/singer and songwriter based in Switzerland.www.alexpardini.com/
7. Obsidian Skies by Peter Chains. This is taken from the Carrion Crows EPpeterchains.bandcamp.com/album/carrion-crows-ep
8. Glitterbombed by Charlotte Church. She has shuffled off her classical roots to take on the path of Bjork, PJ Harvey and other rock musicians. This is taken from the EP Two:noisetrade.com/charlottechurch/two—ep
9. Oblivion by Eve Williams. This Northern Irish singer/songwriter performed coloratura soprano pieces before moving into the realm of alternative rock: www.evewilliamsmusic.com/
10. Us and Them by Mary Fahl. This is from the album From The Dark Side of the Moon, a track by track take on Pink Floyd’s album. Her new album Love & Gravity will be released soon:www.amazon.com/From-The-Dark-Sid…oon/dp/B00514MDTQ
11. The Beach by Alf Kelty: Alf lives in South Africa and has already released two New Age indie albums.
12. Atmosphere by Red Raptor (Pavel Nos)feat. Paula(vocals and lyrics).He is based in the Czech Rep. I apologize for the mix up. @redraptor
Paula is an electronic music singer/songwriter based in England.

Visit www.spheremusic.me

Background music: Fly Away by Alex Pardini


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