The Divine by Sacha Talens

Sacha Talens

“Who cares if life is short under The Supernova?
We’ll burn, but we’ll burn slow,
Under The Supernova
And maybe there’s another life
And maybe we’re somebody’s mice
But I think you should follow me
Cuz I’m the smartest mouse.”- from Quantum Romantics by Sacha Talens

I don’t think planet Earth would be an amusing place to live in without talented people like singer/songwriter Sacha Talens. For some reason, I get his humor. I might not understand them lyrically(Peacock of the Theremin Ocean, Wamalula, Quantum Romantics,) but in a way I sort of get them. Do you understand what I am saying here? I am sure you do if you have already listened to The Divine. Sometimes I get the feeling that a lot of things go on inside his head that he needs to write about them.

The Divine is a follow up to his Bathhurst Moment album(the debut).  While the previous album is ‘pop’ this one’s eclectic. But is has that consistency that lets you know in two chord progressions that this is Sacha Talens. And when it’s him, it’s always unexpected. His brain operates in this quantum level of existence where matter behaves in a way that defies the laws of physics. The ‘ayayayay’ intro of Peacocks Of The Theremin Ocean(my favorite track) lets you know this is not an album you need to listen to when you expect typical love songs. The songs are in your face. The kind of unapologetic expression of beauty and grace laced with sarcasm and wit.

I also like Your Feet because it has that nice beat. Wamamula is one song I can dance to when I am bored. I can sing to it too. That’s how catchy that song is. My other fave track is Quantum Romantics. You need to hear this. I heard Sacha has been reading more about Quantum Mechanics lately. I think that’s one of the inspirations in this album. There are many interesting in The Divine and I dare you to look for your fave ones.

I don’t write this often about artists but to loose Sacha would be like losing that spiky blue ball of bouncing joy. He just brightens everything with his presence. That is why I find all his tweets and instagram posts worth a ‘like.’ I am sure you are doing that too when you are reading this. And oh yes I am listening to The Divine at 6am and it is as good as a cup of fresh black coffee. Buy the Divine and help make Sacha write more songs.


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