C’È – Cosimo Erario

Cosimo Erario

Artist: Cosimo Erario ( Italian guitar player/singer songwriter living in Cologne /Germany).

Album:  “C’È”  ( it could be translated as “To Be There”).

What’s inside: Basically it’s a pop rock music project (Italian lyrics)

Listening to the operatic arias of composers like Verdi and Bellini  made me appreciate songs that aren’t in English at an early age. For me, though lyrical content is necessary in songs, I feel that beautiful music will always transcend language. Well, these days there’s Google translate and it is easy to look up non-English songs so that we can get the general idea if not the correct translation.

The  album  is called  “C’È” by Italian singer/songwriter Cosimo Erario. The first track Senza  Bussare confirms one’s reason to listen to this album. The optimistic rushing of sonic tide washes over you. The CD has thirteen tracks and plays to a total of 52:34. If you know Italian then the lyrics are something you can look into with gusto. If you are just listening for the sake of pleasure then have a go. This is a pleasurable CD with pop/rock sound that’s radio-friendly but at the same time interesting.

The artist also gives huge thanks to his musical influence Duke Ellington in the CD liner notes. I love the colors of orange (back) and aquamarine(front) on the CD artwork because they convey the sentiments behind this album. It’s like gazing at the sky and letting that joy seep into your veins. I haven’t heard any ‘joyful’ album as this one in months and it just sparkles with different shades of moods. The textures of the tracks seem to mesh flawlessly into these interlacing lines of his diverse musical influences.

Production wise I give this a 4 star out of five for clarity of every instrument and the emphasis on brightness of the mixing. My table speakers love this album!  I really enjoyed Passato Prossimo because of the reggae influence. Hey, everything in this album sounds awesome. Really worth your time, ears.

Cosimo Eratio has given us an album filled with instrumental cornucopia that continues to overflow as you listen again and again.

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