Ronan McManus Interview for Strawberry Hill Album


Ronan McManus talks about his album Strawberry Hill, his decision to release singles only as opposed to full albums and that the nature of music has to be built on emotion. “I am planning to release an album as an app”, he says.

I really enjoyed this interview because of the detail answers that Ronan provided. I think the gem of this story is when he started talking about his decision to release singles only instead of albums. I think he really hit the nail on the head there by providing a solution not just for himself but for other artists who are struggling in these times of difficulty especially that the way we market music out there is changing. The platform is evolving again.

I recommend that you listen to this interview because this is not just beneficial for listeners who would like to know the world of singer/songwriters but also for artists who are looking for someone who has been in the business longer and who remain steadfast in his values and outlook. This is definitely a gem of an interview!

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