Sphere Music Podcast #5

Dance 4 Syria

Last Saturday’s playlist is here. But due to unfortunate circumstance (the computer did not record my stream) I had to reconstruct the playlist track by track and in order that I played them. So it’s the still same. Only this time you can’t hear my voice.

Antarctica-My.Cosmo (feat. Paula) 
Both Sides Now by Mary Fahl 
Carrion Crows by Peter Chains
A Million Stars by Christian Bookshop 
Don’t Blow It-Alex Juno. Feat Johnny Normal 

Featured albums:

Dance 4 Syria vol 3

Addictive Fuzz Conspirations-Bastilidad
Hullabaloop-Almotahik Aljanobi
Syrian’s Dream-Peter David Anderson
I’ll Look for You-Subliminal Noize

Don Beekeeper (Sunday Morning Tambourine) 

Shake the Tambourine
So Forgotten


Take me Home
Wake Up
My Time

Roisin O( The Secret Life of Blue) 

Here We Go
Climb High
Hold ON
Find the Light

Listen every Saturday 3 to 6 pm (with 1 hour auto dj) German time @ www.radiohappy.eu


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