Someone hacked into my email.

If any of you has received an email from me asking money etc etc please be aware that it isn’t me and that email has been hacked. I have no idea this could happen to a blogger who is not even that popular and is trying to work his ass off to build a blogging career only to be a victim to this nasty situation.

At first I thought it was a personal intention of someone trying to harm me. I realize it isn’t. I have received a lot of these ‘business’ deals from those claiming they are from Burkina Faso and also people who are stating they have an incurable disease and wants to ask for money for treatment. Well, I just hope these slimy scums of the Earth would learn to look for jobs and stop targeting people who are trying to make a living .

Hacking and using someone’s account for monetary gain is evil. I have been trying to contact Microsoft for a week to retrieve my email but it is frustrating that this so-called software giant has not done anything to help me. Microsoft is really unsecure and I have even upgraded my OS to Ubuntu Mint to save me hours of headache.  So please of you received an email from trying to ask for a slimy deal label that email as malicious so that at least if I can’t retrieve that email, Microsoft will just delete it.


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