The Baxteria #9 Podcast is up!

Joel Sarakula

Picture taken from promo pics gallery

Just because this is an identical topic to my other blog doesn’t mean I have nothing new to say 🙂 Just to let you know, The Baxteria is now available for your listening pleasure. I decided not to cut the show into bits and just put them in one podcast. For those who are not into Celtic music, you can just skip to my 5pm show which is about other types of music. For those who just want to experience how eclectic my musical taste is, then listen to the full three hours of my show.

It’s been fun doing this and I really look forward to more shows and more bands to showcase. You would be delicted to know that My interview with Joel Sarakula is included in this show. I know the audio isn’t that good due to connection issues but he will be back and next time it will be a clearer interview. He performed two tracks. That is why I really like this artist. He is a powerhouse of talent and he always delivers the goods!

Autodj featuring Loreena McKennitt (3pm German time)

Stolen child/ Snow/ Ancient Pines/All Souls NightThe Old Ways/ Full Circle/The Mummer’s Dance/Penelope’s Song/ The Wind That Shakes The Barley visit:

The Celtic Music Hour (4 pm German time)

Barrule– Mycharaine’s March
Rachel Hair Trio– Tsunami Jack/Cancro Cru
John Breen– The Galtee Mountain Boy
Enda Seery-Sta Cruz
Rant Maggie Rant-Belle Katrine
McDermott’s 2 Hours-All In Your Name
Athru– The Last Pint
Samuel Smith-The Last Prayer
Jamie Smith’s MABON-Caru Pum Merch
Clannad– Vellum
Capercaillie-At the Heart of it All
Connie Dover-Ubi Caritas
Indie Variety (5pm German time)
Von Shakes-Robimson Crusoe
Roisin O-Find the Light
Joel Sarakula– Matchstick Girl
Interview with Joel Sarakula
Under the Wire– Bloom
Layne Greene-Iron Town
Korein Daniel Csernei– Lonely Autumn
Placido Domingo-Love Came for Me(From the movie Splash 1985)

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