The Baxteria Podcast #11

Glad to be back on air! I have cut my show shorter because it is hard to upload such a big file. But if you tune in for the rest of Saturdays on then I will be playing music all day.


Auto Dj feat, Alan Stivell and Tri Yann
Tri Yann-Les Filles Des Forges
Alan Stivell-Y’s
Tri Yann-La Vierge A La Fontaine
Alan Stivell-Reves(Hunvreou)
Tri Yann-Pastourelle De Saint Julien Maraichine
Alan Stivell-Elis Iza
Tri Yann-Tri Martolod
Alan Stivell-Skoit N’Treid
Tri Yann-Before Ireland Can Go Free ( Peom by Sean O’Casey
Tri Yann-Les Filles D’Escoublac

Celtic Music Hour

Poitin-Step it Out
Lunasa-Donogh and Mike’s
Eimear Quinn-Hunted
Old Blind Dogs-To the beginnin’ I will go
Samuel Smith-Gimme the Law
Luke Kelly-The Auld Triangle

Indie Variety

Fleet Foxes-Drops in the River
Gregory Alan Isakov-Saint Valentine
Active Child-Wilderness
Mary Fahl-Exiles
Gregory Alan Isakov-She’ll Always Take it Back
Tiger Darrow-Sunrise

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