Organs by Tom Milsom

Organs by Tom Milsom

Who is Tom Milsom? Tom Milsom is a musician and visual artist living in London. His new album, “Organs,” will be released in November.

That’s what his website bio says. Nothing else. But if you listen to Organs(released in the  18th of November, 2013) then there are many things that can be said about his songs. And he tells you a lot in this album. For example, he tells you that his taste in music is diverse (electronica, dream pop, folk etc). He will also tell you that being a visual artist, he knows how to create landscapes using sound as a tool. That’s what makes Organs enjoyable to listen to. And he has a good voice!

I was talking to my friend Jade yesterday. We were having a musical conversation at Starbucks and Tom Milsom popped in the topic when I was talking about my stint and a DJ in urged me to listen to Organs). after waking up and not able to go back, I checked out the link she sent via facebook. I gave it a listen and it felt good. So I thought I better write about him and see if he is open for an online interview. We will see….

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