Kitten and the Hip: Nostalgia infused Bubblegum Pop

Yes they make tunes that teenagers can dance to. They also compose melodies that are so catchy it’s easy to hum them. But the duo of Ashley Slater and Scarlett Quinn known as Kitten and the Hip are classically/jazz trained. They create a style called electro swing. So what you get here is a fusion of two distinct genres that other musicians tried to reconcile but fall short in terms of skill and delivery. But Kitten and Hip proved that in today’s generation of indie variety, anything is possible as long as you have the attitude and the passion to take your art out there without fear.

Don’t You Worry has the groove that can drive the crowd to bounce on the dance floor. Shake it Out is hypnotic and sophisticated that can make S.E.B  have a run for her money. I am sure Kitten and the Hip have something bigger to offer in the world of indie pop. All they need to do is make more awesome tunes in their own style of electro and pop jazz.

You can buy Don’t You Worry though itunes:

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