Jolly Tune for a Tragic Christmas

This Christmas is going to suck. I just lost my beloved dog Victor. Only a few months ago, exactly the 15th of May, my best friend and life companion-my mom- passed away. So you understand why it is hard for me to feel good or be grateful for still being alive. Is life prepping me for something worse to come? Yeah like…perhaps death or disease? Who knows? Do I care? No. Well, I don’t know. But if there’s one thing that makes me forget the injustice, then it’s music.

A month ago, Layne Greene mentioned in passing that he’s trying to come up with a holiday music project. He has never done this before because he hates Christmas songs. But he is doing it because a lot of good things happened recently. That is true. Well, on top of bad ones where one of his friends became a victim of a hate crime and now that fellow is on a wheel chair. But well, on top of that(and other atrocities) there are other good things to be thankful for. He is graduating  from a Business course soon and he will merge his business background with music. Who knows? He might become a music mogul one day. Or a legendary folk artist. Either way he is dedicating his life to music.

Well, we are both dedicating our lives to music. I love my stint as an online dj. I am also a contributing staff for Subkulture magazine. On top of those I am healthy. I don’t smoke or drink. Well, I drink occasionally(as a social drinker and also as a social smoker). But I don’t have vices at home. My only vice is music. It is a perfect drug. What could go wrong with that?

I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a jazzy and folkie take on this classic tune.It  is a Christmas song recorded in 1943 by Bing Crosby who scored a top ten hit with the song. I love songs by Bing Crosby ( and movies too). This particular tune echoes my sentiments. I want everyone I love to be home for Christmas. Perhaps they will be in spirit. I hope so. I am not religious. But I think it sucks when you don’t believe in anything more than this life. It’s been getting lonely here. I have lost so much this year. I think it’s changing me in a way. No one survives those tragedies without losing a part of himself. So my big thanks to Layne from bringing a song (and a series of holiday songs for the next 30 days)into this holiday purgatory. He will have more. So watch out for those.

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