JOE SYMES & The Loving Kind Takes You To Sunny Places

Hey JOE SYMES & The Loving Kind is such a sweet surprise in this gloomy December. I think of Paul Weller (or Paul McCartney) when I hear the vocals. As for the music? It’s this fondness of The Smiths and The Sundays that gets rekindled when I hear their songs. Songs like Lovers Undercover , Ready to Ride, Happy When it Hurts among others, remind me of the best dream pop sounds of the late 80s. This is way before guitar effects took too much dominance. And oh yes, I hear The Beatles in them!

The debut self-titled album is a must-hear. It’s dreamy, textured and lyrically gratifying. I read a couple of reviews posted on their site and I agree with other listeners that everything works. The album cover tells you what to expect in terms of sound. They are also from Liverpool, the home of great music in the UK. They have  their official youtube channel which I am sure will be updated with more videos.

If you are feeling kind of down this month, I suggest you grab this album because it will make your world brighter. Music is therapy. It can be sad or happy. regardless of the style a beautiful tune and lift you up. And the main ingredient is always the hard work that a band can put in the recording of an album. And I think they put a lot in this one.  If you are looking for beautiful songs that take you to sunny places and better times, this is it!

You can buy the album by clicking this link to their official site:

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