Who is Ed Sheeran and Why is he Singing in the new Hobbit Film?

I saw The Hobbit last night. I loved it. I stayed until the credits. And that’s when the name Ed Sheeran came up in the credits list. The song is  “I See Fire“. Which is very fitting as he’s a redhead himself (pun intended). The tune is bluesy with English folk thrown in. It entered the UK Singles Chart at number 13 and reached number 1 in New Zealand on its sixth week. Like Enya(who performed May it Be in TFOTR), director Peter Jackson personally chose Sheeran(his daughter’s a big fan) to be part of the soundtrack.

Sheeran’s paternal grandparents were Irish and he’s raised as a Roman Catholic. Acts associated with Sheeran are Taylor Swift and One Direction. Yes no kidding. Despite the negative association, Sheeran is a credible and interesting singer/songwriter from London.

Let’s just hope he shows more leanings on less pop oriented acts in the future.


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