Woah! They are called The Aprill


Milan Samko – lead vocal & guitar,

Karel Ticháček – bass,

Daniel Székely – lead guitar,

Jan Mourek – drums,

Jakub Fišer – piano,keybord,sampler, backing vocal

Aprill:Five musicians from the Czech Republic making rock music with raw punk energy. They are photogenic with a good sense of fashion. Their style combines British and American alternative rock . Their current single is Fun Times taken from the album of the same title released this year.You should check out their interesting music videos. Lead singer Milan Samko is a professional photographer. He is also a film maker. This explains the fascinating visuals. And yes there are pretty girls in the video.

Fun Times the album delivers high octane aural assault. On top of the punch -to- the- gut intensity of their brand of rock, expect catchy melodies and stunning guitar rifts. Album tracks include: Intro, Today is Not My Friend, never Again, Fun Times, Mistakes, Convince Me, 7AM, Wake Up and Writter(a slow ballad with fine piano accompaniment).

My big thanks to Jeremy King for introducing me to the band.

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