No Rehearsal for Days Before A Gig?Pete of FPS (For Pete’s Sake) Explains Why.

Fresh band from Australia FPS(For Pete’s Sake) is our cover story. The guys have both the energy and attitude to make it into the Pacific Ocean of indie rock music. I met a DJ years ago who told me that Australians are hard to please as listeners. He implied that one has to be very good to earn the respect of the audience. After all, it’s the same country that gave us Midnight Oil, INXS, The Church and a whole bunch of great bands through the decades.
Lead man Pete Wright answers this interview on behalf of the band. He’s got a strong line up there. The drummer and guitarist have their own arsenals to rock the house down.
Check out question number 8 and why they don’t really rehearse before any gig. It makes sense to me. But most of all you’ll appreciate the kind of dedication to music the band members have.
1.Your listeners already have a taste of few songs you performed live. What can we expect from the band this 2014?
The response from the listeners has been overwhelming relating to our 5 live clips that we put up onto You tube, which were recorded on a Sony Handicam, to get a test as to whether this band was going to be a viable proposition.

2014 – will start with a proper home recording via interface to get a more accurate interpretation of the songs.  We are envisaging recording enough material to create an EP.  This will take place in January and hopefully finished by February all things prevailing. Our next step will be to go into a reputable recording studio to repeat the process.  We have already had several offers from well-known producers and sound engineers who want to assist us with this recording.  It’s up to us I guess to decide who we are going to use and where about’s we will be doing this recording that will suit the band sound.  As far as performances are concerned we do like to test our music live, so we will be maintaining that on small-scale venues at this stage to get feedback from the crowd.  I always believe that one live performance is worth three to four rehearsals in a studio.hqdefault2

2.What’s the reason behind the formation of FPS?

My other band GALLEY SLAVES unfortunately at the moment is not viable as far as gigs, rehearsals and recording is concerned due to members of the band having busy lifestyles, work  commitments and relocation.  This does not mean that GALLEY SLAVES is over , it is just very difficult at the moment to get all band members in the same place at the same time.

As I am writing so many songs at the moment I felt it necessary to start a new sideline project, hence the reason for FPS (For Pete’s Sake).  Greg Chaseling (bass player) , I happened to bump into at my local supermarket after not seeing him for a good number of years and asked him if he wanted to get together and play.  He told me a brief history of what he had been up to since I saw him last and seemed to be on the same page as me.
Chris Beech (drummer) I have played off and on with for many years.  I called we got together, had our first jam and so the story began.

3.Will listeners get to hear slow tunes(rock ballads) in your future songs?

I’m not one necessary to write slow tunes or ballads however yes to break up our music I have a few things up my sleeve in relation to that.  So you will just have to wait as they may be coming up soon.

4.What the albums are you listening to these days?

My music tastes are so vast I tend not to get influenced by anything specifically .  I do like bands such as the Dandy Warhols, The Cure, Radio Birdman, The Buzzcocks, The Church, Died Pretty etc etc and I guess that does have some rub off somewhere down the line, but when I write a song it generally will come from an experience, a dream or just nature.

5.You are from Australia. How’s the local rock scene over there?

Australia like anywhere else in the world for independent original bands has always been tough until you get an established name.  It’s the same old story, you have to start from scratch, build up a following, get gigs play live and try to stay as active as possible in the local scene until you start getting established and are able to spread your wings further.

6.What’s the epic FPS (For Pete's Sake)goal that FPS wants to achieve in 5 years?

In 5 years it would be nice to have a bit of credibility from the industry,  and be able to say that we have done everything we could to be where we are now,  with the public wanting more.

7.How do you go through the songwriting process?

There is no one formula for writing a song and that is what makes the process so interesting . We can go from a couple of rifts in a rehearsal room and build on it or we could have a fully formatted idea prior to jamming. 

8.How’s the rehearsal like before the gig?

I have a rule that we do not rehearse for at least two days prior to the gig.  My reason for this is to maintain a level of energy when you go live.  I am pretty gigged harden and so are the guys I work with.  You do get the nervous 10 seconds before you start playing,  so I have to go into a  zone for that but once you are on your way the stage is yours.

9.Do you have other personal persuasions that sometimes get in the way of making music?

No not at all.  I am open to everything.

10. Message to your listeners?
 Stay tuned, 2014 will be starting to heat u
p for FPS (For Pete’s Sake) .  We will try to keep you posted and up to date with our activities and new songs.


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