Ben Landis Makes Amazing Chiptune Recordings

Ben Landis

Ben Landis

The thing about chiptune music is that there are still those outside of the gaming community who are still trying to understand the genre.. But here comes Ben Landis who gives it a twist. His innovative approach has already won him a lot of audience. His compositional style has a universal appeal as it draws listeners forward instead of alienating them. There are classical, jazz funk and other ‘flavors’ in all his tracks.

I really like Breakthrough and Adventures in Pixels. This 28-year-old graduate of Berklee College of Music currently resides in Los Angeles California and is comfortable on the label of Pop-Rock. His album Adventures in Pixels is out. It is :

…an album/comic hybrid that works in iTunes. Each comic page is embedded as album art for a particular track. The visuals tell a story reminiscent of the classic gaming era, accompanied by a catchy, nostalgic 8-bit soundtrack.


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