Listen to “Findie Music” with the Glasshouse Boys

Glasshouse Boys

They create songs with changing moods like the dynamic sunlight on Irish landscape. They are based in Dublin. They call their music: “Findie” (Folk-Indie). Major influences include Bob Dylan, Pixies, Neil Young, Pokey Lafarge and Jack White. Brendan Carvill is the guitarist and lead vocalist. His sunny voice calls to mind 60s and 70s singer/songwriters. I guess Neil Young is a good reference. But his Irishness always comes through and that makes his style really unique. Conor Black plays the guitar and mandolin. Listen to their song “Her” and you will hear a great amount of mandolin glory there. It is also present in “Songbird.” Bala Blake keeps the tunes solid and ‘large’ with his bass. And last but not the least, Nimai Blake keeps the tempo alive with his skins.

I feel they are destined for bigger things. You can really spot that in their originality and the attitude of their music. If you like Bluegrass and Irish folk then this will appeal to you. If you just love music for its sake then you better listen to this one because this is the way songs should be made.

Thanks to singer/songwriter  Rachael McCormack for sharing this band via soundcloud.

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