The Making of Northern Boy

J.P. Kallio

J.P. Kallio

I love reading the blog of singer/songwriter JP Kallio. His insights are lucid. They also define him as an artist. He came from Finland. Now he is the lead man of Dublin based Celtic rock group Sliotar. Aside from that he has a side project called Boneyard Bastards. The music is more punk rock.

Kallio is putting up songs on his soundcloud page. They will be in the upcoming album Northern Boy (Out March 14).  This guy has a remarkable vocal range. His lyrics are introspective and cover a great range of subjects.

His influences include Americana, Punk, Folk, world music. Quite diverse.

Another thing that takes his time is  Photography. He is mostly on the road with his band but when at home, Cooking is also one of his passions. But he balances it out with his love for fitness and living the life to the fullest.

As of this writing I am listening to It Ain’t Easy which is the first track he recorded for the series. It’ s about changes in relationships and fears as we go through life. The sound is superb. I think I can even hear the surface if the sound. An interview is on the way so if you check from time to time you will get the latest update from the making of Northern Boy.

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