The Electron Sun Project

They are:

-Pure Mischief ..
-Clare McCarthy…
-Dean Burnett…
-Lia Shapiro aka ALiEn TriBe…
-Ross Ackerman…
-Sean McCarthy

Here is an interesting project from several musicians based in the UK and United States. The Electron Sun Project sounds like its name. It’s music of beaches and outdoors-even space travel. The style is hard to define as it combines the styles of  American and UK electronic music. My current fave is The Universe Has Spoken featuring the unique voice of Ali Carter. She reminds me of Billie Holiday but with a pinch of Susan Ballion of Siouxsie and the Banshees. It’s a chillout tune (as the rest of the EP) with robust bass and drum arrangement  that reminds me of Bjork’s Army of Me.

This is what happens when space music merges with chill out pop. It’s a delicious blend of sophisticated melodies and textured synths that sound organic. Yet is has a little bit of that kick that prevents it from turning into  elevator music.

The reflective lyrics compliment the melody and they create this sweet pop tune. It deserves more downloads and airplay.

More from their official facebook page:

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