Once A Tree – “Light Me Up”

Every person who knows me will tell you how I love beautiful singing. Yes, craft and instruments-these are important too. But the human voice is the center. And it has to be beautiful. This is the case of Once a Tree.  The Canadian couple/duo of Hayden & Jayli Wolf categorize their music as Chillwave, Experimental and Dreampop. After listening to their latest single Light Me Up, I took another listen and another… Music like this should be outlawed because of its power of seduction!

I think it is the best pop oriented song I heard in ages! Jayli reminds me of Heather Nova with a little bit of Jane Sibbery. Take note: I only said she reminds me because she doesn’t sound like anyone else. It’s a special voice that will sound fitting in musical projects of Delerium, Sleepthief and Deep Forest. I’ve often mentioned in my social network sites my deep respect and admiration for Canadian artists. Well, this is one example why.

Ambience and light drum beats enhance the dreamy melody. Beautiful!



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