Not The Same As Last Year by Second Story :Happy Tunes

Band: Second Story

Genre: Alternative/Pop Punk

Formed:August 2012

From: Lumberton, TX


Calob Broussard: Lead Vocals/Guitars
Phil Fountain: Drums
Travis Odom: Guitar

I am currently listening  to Second Story. They’re a three-piece band from Texas. The EP is really an effective anti-depressant and rooted in pop punk. It is rare to get a taste of this style these days. The music is refreshing. My personal favorite is This Time I’ve Got It because it is a perfect song for driving. I also imagine guys in skateboards speeding around. Story of My Life needs a good music video. This reminds me of those awesome bands in the 90s representing alternative pop punk. The title track is also hard to ignore among the mix. Wasting Time is a testament to their capacity to write good acoustic ballads. When I am alone in my room I like to turn Not The Same As Last Year in full blast and jump up and down.

They released NTSALT early this month and I hope people will get to discover them because they really have something good to offer to the music scene. With youthful energy and great melodies I am sure multiple listens will convince you to get the EP as well as earlier releases. I have not heard them before if not for Twitter so big thanks to social networks. That’s how music gets transmitted these days. Lots of potential there. All you need to do is find the right audience. I give them two thumbs up for brightening up my day.


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