A Homeless Christmas :Charity Project for 2015

We are all connected. Artists realize this and so they are quick to respond to any tragedy. Last year, a super typhoon hit my country and claimed thousands of lives. Singer/songwriters from Northern Ireland recorded a wonderful compilation album to raise funds. Being a blogger from this side of the world has its perks as it makes friends take notice and help. It’s succeeded by another compilation album from Radio Happy where I have a weekly show (every Saturday). If you haven’t listened to my shows yes, let me say that they are a combination of Celtic and Indie Variety music. So expect The Chieftains back to back with Arctic Monkeys to cite a better example.

About A Homeless Christmas

Marc Hupkens has already organized compilation albums through his Dance 4 Syria series which I also reviewed here. Just this month, he released A Homeless Christmas.

With this Little mini album, I like to raise attention to the fact that many people are getting homeless these days. This Christmas, we will be sharing food and other groceries with the homeless in our town, and I urge all of you to do the same.

All proceeds of this album, will be used to support these and other upcoming charity projects of the Elektro Punkz label

There are four tracks in this EP: Breaking Dawn, A Homeless Christmas(analog jam session), Kush and Goodbye (A song that he wrote the day Nelson Mandela died). These are all instrumental electronic music with varying styles and tempos. My favorite is Goodbye Madiba because of its complexity. I like Christmas albums that don’t sound Christmassy if you know what I mean. That way, they can be played all year. I think it is also wise to release charity projects, a year ahead. That way more funds can be raised.

Many artists are dedicating their lives to raise awareness to global issues. We are fragile. We think we are sheltered and we have a lot of cash to spend. But no one is invincible. When tragedies hit like wars or natural disasters, people die. We need to start caring and paying attention to the human condition and make this world a better place to live.

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