Alex Pardini ‘The Unconscious’ (Theatre Magique Records)


Alex Pardini ‘The Unconscious’

Theatre Magique Records / Promo House/Techno/Funky/Deep

Singer/songwriter/producer Alex Pardini is a silent hunter. He owns Theatre Magique Records but he seems modest in promoting his music. But perhaps his other hobby which is Photography might also be a good source of balance to his art. But then again I find his music irresistible. He has the makings of a pop star. But instead of the spotlight, he devotes his time crafting tunes he wrote and discovering other artists.

His latest track is The Unconscious. It is a pulsing hypnotic tune with clean beats. I like the way he defines his beats. They are robust, sophisticated and has the quality found in bioluminescence of underwater organisms. Listening to his music is like doing a deep-sea diving. Serene but alive!

About the track:

“The unconscious mind accounts for 70% of what goes on in the mind. When ideas seemingly come to us out of nowhere, feelings suddenly and unexpectedly occur, or our behavior may be illogical, it is in response to a gigantic repository of experience and information hidden in the unconscious mind. Music communicates directly with the unconscious mind and can evoke powerful feelings. “The Unconscious” might just do the trick-Alex Pardini

Subscribe to Theatre Magique Records here: or his official website: and watch out for the official release date. Buy his releases through iTunes:


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