Sooth the savage soul with sundrowned by Lykanthea & Savage Sister



Vocals – Lakshmi Ramgopal and Chloe Lundgren

 Lyrics – Lakshmi Ramgopal and Michael Tenzer

 Synth/Drum Machine/Bass – Michael Tenzer





Trying to understanding the music of Lykanthea(real name Lakshmi Ramgopal), I had to check out the meaning of Carnatic vocal training. And wow , I was astounded by the amount of information and the training that one must undergo to perfect the craft. I hear it now whenever I listen to any of the four songs off the EP sundrowned.

It has a contemporary sound that if you are not keen you would sometimes mistake it for bands like The Cocteau Twins and Love Spirals Downwards. But it isn’t. This project is inspired by ancient literature and medieval choir music and science fiction. Lykanthea uses synths and harmoniums in a unique fashion. Michael Tenzer and Chloe Lundgren are from Shoegaze/Dream Pop/Darkwave group Savage Sister. If you haven’t yet you should check them out.


Lykanthea is a PhD student based in Chicago and this is just one of her musical projects. I get the feeling that sundrowned is their ticket to bigger things. I think that they should continue to develop this unique sound and in time there will be exclusive fans for this style of music.

This is definitely one EP that can sooth the savage mood early in the morning prior to coffee. And it’s also a perfect music to listen to before retiring to bed.

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