The Jazz Man called Alex MacNeil


Before Alexander B MacNeil embarked in a serious Jazz career, he was part of the local creative scene in Pictou Nova Scotia. They are talented young men who are film makers, singer/songwriters, painters and just every creative kind of job you can think of. Some are still in college, some have already graduated. But they get together every now and then, to make good music. My friend Layne Greene introduced me to the music of MacNeil. They both collaborated on various recordings which can be summed up through this video.

There is that sunny air around him. He is friendly and supportive of other musicians. A comedian at times. He fronts a jazz quartet that plays all over eastern Canada. There is that wildness in his style. And take a look  at him when he plays. That facial expression alone is priceless! I am really excited to introduce you to someone as talented as MacNeil. Hopefully we will get more youtube uploads from him, a website or perhaps an EP (if a full-length album is too much at this early stage of his promising musical career).

I bet my blogging fingers that he has a bright future ahead. He has the looks, the flair and most of all the talent to captivate listeners.

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