Cut & Paste Music:Maps EP by Radiolab

Radiolab:Dane Di Pierro & Meghan Redding

Maps by Radiolab sounds like its name. It is a collage of sonic highways and stopovers that can leave you either feeling good or unsettled. This ‘cut and paste’ method of recording is making its auspicious début in our cyberwaves and I get the feeling that ten years from now, the way kids listen to music will be different from the way we do. We have may genres out there vying for attention and begging ‘hear me out’ but few ever get to us. We are so distracted by many things like Flappy Birds or 3D printing and we have an overload of sensory perception it is hard to pay attention. All of these overpowering and tragic state of art (and choices) are reflected in Radiolab’s 6-track EP. This is a follow-up to their self-titled one released last April of 2013. This is really different from their earlier efforts and you need to have an open mind to appreciate the music. It reminds me of indeterminate music of John Cage with chill out beats and dreamy guitars. I urge you to listen to it. It is quite interesting and new.

Maps should be up on other music stores and steaming services on April 1st, but for now people can get it at that link and pay whatever they want.

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