Sonic Dark Chocolate: Love Honour Obey EP by Flip Martian(Phil Marsh)

Front cover

Front cover

Love Honour Obey EP by Flip Martian(Phil Marsh) reminds me of reasons why I love electronic music. It’s that sense of creating  time, space and emotions from electrical impulses. I know Flip as a DJ of Radio Happy. He also loves to post humorous updates on his social networks. His generous spirit and amazing vision are captured in this 4-track recording. His beats are robust. His high and low frequencies belong to good speakers. His melodies are superb reflecting the works of his favorite artists like Gary Numan, Midge Ure(Ultravox)  and Jean Michel André Jarre.

My  introduction to his music was through Ocean Road which he uploaded via soundcloud late last year. Since then I follwed his projects because I was pretty sure something great was bound to happen. And I was right! Love Honour Obey is a beautiful recording. As a DJ, he is good in terms of balancing the tempo of the order of his tracks. For example, the title track introduces the EP with its slow ‘sauntering tempo’ followed by the hyper Ocean Road and so on. Never a dull moment here.

If there is one Electronic artists I would give a high five at the start of 2014 then it’s Flip Martian. He clearly shows his potential in this recording and I am confident the next ones will be amazing as well! You can also listen to his amazing weekly radio show here:

About the EP (In the words of Flip Martian):

1. Love, Honour, Obey the lead track is based around remembering the traditional marriage vows.

2. Ocean Road the one instrumental, features some great rock guitar from Glenn Kennedy, a guitarist living in Canada God bless internet file transfers! and is an imaginary soundtrack to a drive along the Pacific highway.

3. My Heart Beats a love song, of sorts. But twisted around and sung by a robot. Why not?

4. Two Minutes a DJ asked me for a new track once and I set a limit of 2 minutes for the track length and then thought “what CAN I do in 2 minutes?”. Tongue in cheek.

All 4 tracks have been produced and mastered by Sam Wale, from Sam Wale Productions and guitarist for

Birmingham band Among The Echoes. The EP is set for release on Thursday 13 February 2014 via, with release to all download stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc) to follow in a week or

two’s time.



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