Fiona Joy Hawkins takes ‘600 Years in a Moment’ to Timeless Joy


Australian composer pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins is there to remind me why I became a music lover in the first place. We are all made of layers. If you peel mine you would discover that the deeper part goes back to this type of genre. It is in that ‘quiet and private’ moments that the notes reveal themselves. I know there are other forms of music that make us dance. There are tunes that are ‘out there.’ But there is always a time for getting inside ourselves to think about the here and now. And that’s what the music of Fiona Joy Hawkins is all about-introspection.

I love her style of playing the piano. I also like her way of arranging tracks. She keeps them simple. She also keeps everything diverse (as I hear ethnic instruments in some of her tunes). Naked Love reminds me of that time in your childhood when everything felt so carefree and you just watch the clouds pass by. The first single is Running on Joy. It is sounds like small waves running across a silver pond. It features ethnic instruments like the Jews harp and the didgeridoo. They form a primal curtain around this  piano-driven track emblazoned with light vocals.

My personal favorite is Gliding because of the melody. It sounds exactly what yearning feels like. Another  is Antarctica which features the sound of the oboe among other instruments. But trust me when I say that all the tracks in this album are beautiful. They just wait for the right time to become part of your life.  Over all, 600 Years in a Moment is a doorway to another world and time. It is an album that has delicate classical playing along with modern touch. As this is ‘mood music,’ I like playing the album when I am by my window watching a bird building a nest. It is a friendly haven in the midst of uncertainty. A beautiful gift of sound to own.


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