“Numbers & Shapes: Revisited by Rebecca Brandt”Featuring14 remixes

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Numbers & Shapes: Revisited is a dance-floor driven remix album based on Brooklyn based composer, Rebecca Brandt’s debut album Numbers & Shapes. rebeccabrandt.bandcamp.com

When an album reaches cult status I always notice a certain kind of tribute given to it. This happened to Sarah McLachlan which resulted to Remixed in 2001. To have a remixed album dedicated to a certain artist is not common. I think it is a win- win idea. It promotes the album to a wider audience (electronic/dance/club) and it also gives us the works of the DJs and producers involved.
I wrote a previous blog on Numbers & Shapes(released in 2012) by Rebecca Brandt. I just found out that it received a top-25 shortlist nomination at the 2013 Grammy Awards. According to Brandt:

A newly-formed label Green Village took notice and pitched the idea of curating a remix album based on the original pieces, and thus our new baby was born, “Numbers & Shapes: Revisited.” It features 14 remixes from different producers and DJs from around the world, including Starkey, Policy, Liondub, Rabit and more. The project had no guidelines or expectations – we just wanted to create dance floor-driven tracks built off classical elements, to try to challenge and play with the rules of genre and have some fun.
I think this is a good idea as it will open doors for her to new fans. The album is set to be released on March 3 on Bandcamp. I love what I heard on the preview! This is intelligent dance music set around her original tunes. I am posting the sample here so you can listen and buy the album when it comes out!

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