Beautiful Nova Scotia Sounds Captured in Crocus Song by Thomas McCallum


Thomas McCallum: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Tim Davidson: Bass, Mandolin
Emily Fox: Violin
Karis Tees: Vocals
Nick Halley: Drums
Austen Hilchey: Slide Guitar
Lydia Mainville: Cello

This is the first time I heard of singer/songwriter Thomas McCallum. Let me say this, that you’ve got to give this guy a listen. He makes fantastic tunes. Thanks to my friend Layne Greene for always sending me links to the music of his friends. I feel rich haha! I love the title track Crocus Song. I haven’t been to Nova Scotia yet but I can imagine that this song really reflects the beauty of that place. I love the violin and cello on this one and on every track. His mandolin playing is exquisite.

It states on his liner notes that the songs have been written over a period of six years. I think that the long wait has paid off as it’s given us these artfully crafted tracks that reflect his handsome and vibrant spirit. Instruments are essential any album  I listen to(I always want to go beyond the usual guitar-bass-drum setup) and I hear slide guitar and harmonica together with these crystal clear acoustic instruments. His vocal harmonies embellish True Icon and other songs. I listened to this album after waking up and it’s a good way to set the mood. Another favorite track is Enoch(Moth Song) because of its tempo and melody. Everything sounds good in the Crocus Song EP. I recommend you give this fantastic fella a listen.

A launching for this record is happening on Friday, 21 February 2014. Please refer to this link:

Come on by BaKED in downtown New Glasgow to see Thomas McCallum, Layne Greene and  Karis Tees in a small, intimate setting. Come early to guarantee a seat!
There is no cost for this event, though there will be an open donation at the door to cover the costs of the venue.
CDs will be available!

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