Stellarscope:I Can’t Stop Listening to The End is Near



Tom Lugo and co of Stellarscope have created another sound that proves to be addicting. I played this album four times today. Perhaps it’s the early New Order or Joy Division that keep me coming back. Or maybe it’s the crunchy drums… But whatever it is I think the musicians behind Stellarscope have concocted a sonic brew in The End is Near that is meant to have a follow up album.

The Machines Must Die is one of the strongest tracks in the album backed by atmospheric guitars and superb drum beats. Their sound is very British with a heavy tinge if post punk and new wave. Watch out for Luxuria which is my next favorite track for its dream pop atmosphere. I think that they should tour and do more live performance because their sound is really suited for open spaces. Glad to have The End Is Near in my possession. I tend to become greedy when I hear something totally beautiful like Stellarscope.

The album goes on sale on  March 11 but you can stream it for now in

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