Have A Great Sunday with Sacred King by Red Sonnet


It’s a slow Sunday. I think Red Sonnet is your cup of tea today as this music evokes that feeling of relaxation. I also appreciate the style as the music is all about texture and the sense of space. There are times when the noise and pop junk gets too much and really, you all know this by now that less is more. So please have a listen to Red Sonnet and tell me if this group evoke a sense of ease and richness brought about by the abundance of blessings we get from family and friends.

They are promoting Sacred King. The Celt in me loves the title. But you better hear the vocals. If you love groups like Secret Garden and artists like Enya, Sleepthief and Seay  then you will really appreciate this. I love the visuals too. Alter your reality with Red Sonnet. Have a great Sunday everyone!



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