Found: Sacha Talens

I got a confirmation from Ophelie that singer/songwriter Sacha Talens is alive. It seems that he’s taking a BIG break from the music industry. He had big hopes in releasing a series of recordings that should been a 3-album deal but poof! He dropped out of the radar just like that.

You might not believe it when I say that I can relate to his situation. I was close to doing it myself last year when tragedy struck home and I lost my mom. It still hard for me and I am living a double life. One that brings you amazing musical talents and the ‘other me’ who is in the dark and probably has no chance of seeing the light ever.

Wherever Sacha Talens is right now, may this post get to him. We all die inside in order to be born again-if we want to. Some simply don’t. I can’t blame the man for taking it hard. His music is his life…other than the fact the he is an amazing chef and a good fella.

So we will just have to respect his wish to be left alone. We all need that. Heaven knows we do!

Here is a link to the review I did about his album for Expats Post :


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