John Bassett: Unearth


John Bassett uncovers the complexities of the human emotions through layers of sounds in Unearth. 

From The Album “Unearth” available March 31st released on Stereohead Records.
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With poignant songwriting style, I am sure English singer/songwriting John Bassett has already captured a huge fan base. This music isn’t what I would call as ‘typical folk rock’ as it covers a huge spectrum of genres. There is also a kind of elegant way in which he builds his songs from ground up. You can really tell when an artist deserves a respect from his idols due to the way he crafts his tunes.

This is his solo release through his seasoned style. Harmonies and big hooks are typical of his music. He has a unique way of choosing his chords, making most of them sound like sun’s rays. His vocal harmonies are warm and appealing. His guitar playing always stands out. In Unearth, the other supporting instruments are tightly woven and each song has its story to tell.

I feel as if I am transported to another world upon listening to the first track Stay Away from the Dark. He sings in many layers of expressions. And the lyrics? His songs have a strong sense of self. It also revolves around one’s state in the midst of external forces like people, places and alienation(as in the song Nothing Sacred). There are also times when palpable hope shines through like in the case of Keep Dear.

As I mentioned, his voice has layers, so is his craft. Everything in this album is cloaked in different moods. The layers weave and undulate seamlessly. It’s like being dazzled by the sun’s ray in the midst of the rain.

I think the strength in his tracks is his ability to assimilate pop elements like in Nothing Sacred but at the same time keeping everything in borderline. It means that years from now, these songs will never sound outdated in a sense that the sweetness is all over the album but he layers it with other  elements. This reminds me a bit of OK Computer by Radiohead. Unearth is a must-have album if you want something timeless but sounds like the tunes are what you hear on the radio.


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