Icon by Nouvelle electro

It’s been quiet in the Nouvelle Electro camp lately. But they made a buzz after uploading two tracks via soundcloud. Icon is part of the songs they are recording for their soon-t0-be-released album. Not sure about the album title yet as Paula and Ian Henderson haven’t confirmed made a confirmation yet. The other one is a remixed version of Red Sky (Red Sky (Dulcet Tonez Remix) available for free download. Check it out because it is a different take on the original version we heard last year.

Icon is beautiful. If you love the solo works of Debbie Harry and the 80s recordings of Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark then you will be pleased with this latest offering by Nouvelle Electro. They are sharing what they do to fans in real-time and I know the new album is a goldmine of beautiful sounds.

Electro duo:
Ian Henderson : synths, vox, songwriting, programming, production (Ireland)
Paula : synths, vox, songwriting, programming (UK)

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