J.P. KALLIO – It Ain’t Easy


Seeing a high quality video made for the song It Ain’t Easy is like a friend inviting you over for a warm cup of coffee on a quiet afternoon. It has all the elements of a tender song with subtle influences derived from rock, folk and blues. J.P. Kallio is a master song craftsman when it comes to maters of the heart. His lyrics deal with loss, joy and the celebration of life. He is able to carve a unique path with Northern Boy and it is always a pleasure to see a wonderful video done for this song.

For those who don’t know yet, he is from Finland. He came to Ireland and founded an Irish Celtic rock group Sliotar. They gained a huge following and released many albums. Northern Boy is his venture to new territories. It is a personal album and I know there are tunes which you can relate to as he is singing about your life by telling his own.

The album Northern Boy is out now. If you want to download the album, visit: http://www.jpkalliomusic.com/


A cool shot of J.P. Kallio. I am using it here because it looks fitting for the song and the video.

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