Lovely Beats

I was checking out my soundcloud stream yesterday and found these wonderful beat driven tracks. I love them. It’s because I love to dance. Slow or fast it doesn’t matter. When the beat curses to your nervous system, your body follows. There is that awesome thing about music that makes you move. Dancing is a primal thing. It isn’t deliberate. Even if you are an awful dancer, your body knows rhythm. It’s in your heart, your brain-everything in the universe is governed by the laws of rhythm.


English music artist Paula knows the subconscious appeal of beautiful melodies. This is one of the many projects she’s been creating this year. This is beat driven song with the enchanting quiver of her soprano voice.


Grass ga$m:

Grass Ga$m is a dance floor driven glitch hop music. I could not stop listening to these tracks as they accompanied me in my busy work. Good for dancing alone or with friends.

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