Von Shakes will be disbanding?!



Nothing is more upsetting than waking up early in the morning and read something like this:

Dear family, friends and fans, it is with sadness and great reluctance we announce to you that Von Shakes will be disbanding. It’s been an incredible 7 year journey that brought us to many crazy parts of the world. Our strongest years were perhaps the last 2 spent in the U.S where we performed non stop all over the country. Ultimately, we have lost the passion, patience and drive to continue fighting for the “cause”. We thank everyone who ever supported us and our only regret is that we didn’t go the whole way. Our final show will be at Mercury Lounge NYC on April 26th and it will be special! We love you all and sure we had a serious laugh!
Seriously fuck! What gets to me is that these guys have what it takes to make it to mainstream pop rock. Perhaps the fans are fickle minded? Perhaps the music industry is fucked and no matter what we do will will not amount to anything but microbes pushing against a glass jar? I bet my whole passion to this band. Von Shakes as a band is not your typical alternative rock group out there. Yes they have not attained the status of Arctic Monkeys YET. But I love them more because they are Irish and Paddy Brazel jr deserves all the respect you can give to a rock star. I hate this. Seriously this news is crap and if there is a  sector responsible it’s you so-called music lovers who give all your $$$ to crappy pop artists. May you all burn in hell.
This upsetting news is found here: https://www.facebook.com/vonshakes
Oh no I am not letting this go gracefully!


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