New: Show Me The Way by James Bullard.

Seriously, singer/songwriter James Bullard has been posting amazing tracks via his soundcloud channel. Show Me the Way is a new one posted 18 hours ago. I knew he was posting something because I follow him via Instagram. He posted a pic of him uploading tracks. I know he uploaded more than 50 MB of music but I am thinking some are still in private.

His voice has grown stronger and sweeter with time. His music has matured early in his career and I think that this is his enduring appeal as an artist. Never mind topping the Billboard charts or getting to the cover of The Rolling Stones. The important thing is that you got a truck load of fervent fans who are always eager to hear what you record.

I do hope that one day, one of his songs end up in one of blockbuster movies or maybe  top rated TV shows, that way he will get more exposure. But I just hope he stays patient through all these laid back lifestyle. His time will come one day. I believe it. With such talent and awesome personality, nothing is impossible!

James Bullard is from  Austin, Texas, United States.

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