Howling by Once A Tree


If there’s a song that puts chillout divas  to shame then this is it! Howling is beautiful and mesmerizing.

Artist: Once A Tree
Track: Howling
Release Date: May, 18, 2014
Genre: DreamTrap
Location: Toronto, Canada
Members: Hayden John Wolf + Jayli Wolf

Remember the duo who brought us the track Light Me Up early this year? Once A Tree are back with the new single called Howling. This still retains the style of the first single but only this time, intensified with the instrumentals. This time Jayli Wolf takes her singing to another level. She provides stronger vocals and dramatic delivery in every verse of Howling.

It has a modern beat that I love. It looks like Once A Tree are giving us fantastic tracks every time they put up an announcement. Hayden Wolf has a fantastic vision and I see these two creating genre defying tracks again and again. They really have a special sound. I love all things Canadian and this is one of them.

About the sound:
“Howling” is a dreamy trap-laced electronic infusion. Giving rise to the magnetizing lead vocals of Jayli Wolf who takes the hard-hitting instrumentals to another level.



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