Listen to Canadian singer/songwriter Michelle Szulc

Michelle Szulc

Michelle Szulc

Michelle Szulc ( I think you say her last name as “Schultz”) is a young singer/songwriter who will give the likes of Taylor Swift a run for their money one day. Her strong, clear voice is so distinctive it can glide through the loud screams of electric guitars. Her glory was not limited to the time when she sang the anthems at Canucks Coyotes game in the middle of last year. And yes, she ended the American and Canadian anthems with a wild round of applause from the audience. Her soundcloud proves that she is gathering materials which will probably be an EP or album one day. Check out her cover of Blown Away plus original tracks like Mr Perfect and Flyin’ High.

She proves through her covers that she is a versatile performer. But it is great to know that she can write and perform her own songs using her acoustic guitar. I’ve always believed that Canadian artists have something extra. Perhaps it is that unassuming nature they have compared to other artists. Or perhaps being up North has its advantages in terms of artistic influences and styles. Whatever these things are it looks like Michelle Szulc has them plus more…

Her singing reminds me of sunrise..fresh, bright and filled with possibilities.



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