The Cornerstones : Britpop with an edge.

The Cornerstones:haunting, uplifting but with a beautiful dash of sadness.

Smack me in the Face has now become one of my most played singles from The Cornerstones. The song is gorgeous. It features a haunting piano and drums with awesome vocal harmonies in the chorus section. As the song dips into the minor chord, it kind of gives me a vague reference to the greatest alternative ballads of the 90s from bands like The Verve and Fuel.

This is artsy Brit music but with radio appeal. Stand in Line is another personal favorite which also happens to be the title of their new EP. Although I used the term Britpop in the title, I think their music is diverse and they incorporate many styles and instruments in their songs. If you love something rock oriented but not too noisy and with an adequate dash of elegance then The Cornerstones is for you.


Learn more from their website :


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