The Jackobins Breaks into The Other Side


Vocals – Dominic Bassnett
Guitar – Veso
Keys – John Whittingham
Bass – Chris Marriott 
Drums – Marc Terry

The Other Side is the current single by Liverpool based rock band The Jackobins. The massive sound fronted by the glorious vocals of Dominic Bassnett brings to the fore what’s been missing in music for two decades. I remember the late 80s and the 90s where texture and souring vocals were given emphasis. I kind of miss that for a a while now. With the beautiful style of The Jackobins, it looks like things are looking up again. I hope more bands will follow suite as this is an important sound. This is the birth of what makes rock music so amazing!

I browsed their youtube channel and saw their Prussia video. The sound blew me away. I am definitely excited what these musicians are going to offer when their album or EP gets finally released. Their style goes back to bands like The Doors,Jimi Hendrix, Nick Drake, Johnny Cash, The Bealtes, Queen, Led Zeppelin and more….


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